Tantramassage Team Isabel

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16. - 28. Januar 2020

“Being touched... lovingly, in deep presence, here and now... in trust, openness and surrender... Exploring sensuality and discovering new sensations...
Beyond the skin and the senses, touching the heart, sinking into the cells...
Life energy pulsating within... Existence vibrating within you.
Allowing it to come to the highest flower of its expression...
Riding the waves in the ocean of pleasure, relaxation and bliss...
Diving into the depths of your being... and feeling... Being as you are, in full acceptance... Coming back home into your original and pure state of well-being.”


•     Tui-Na Massage and Foot Reflexology, 4 days workshop with Dr. Diogo Amorim,
       in Coimbra/Portugal (2008)
•     Klangmassage n. Peter Hess, Peter Hess Academy, Portugal (2009)
•     Yoni Massage, 2 days workshop with Ricarda Krumbiegel from AnandaWave
       massage center and Dakini - Zentrum für Sexualkompetenz/Köln (2011)
•     Tantra Massage and Lingam Massage training, with Anke Heinzmann
       at Aresha Tantra massage/Düsseldorf (Jul. 2012)
•     Tantra Massage, 4 days retreat workshop with Odile Guillet and Dominique
       Giral from Terres Tantriques/France (November 2013)
•     "Art of Touch", 5 days Tantra Massage Course from Somananda Yoga       
       school/Estonia (Jul. 2015)
•     Tantra Yoga Course, level 1 & 2 at Agama yoga school/Thailand (Jan./Feb./Mar. 2016)
•     Essence of Tantra and Tantric Rituals, 7 days workshop       
       at Agama yoga school/Thailand (Jan./Feb. 2016)
•     "Nadi Healing touch", 7 days massage course inspired by Thai massage,       
       at Agama yoga school/Thailand (Mar. 2016)
•     Practical Tantric Yoga Massage, 2 days workshop with Peter Littlejohn       
       in Portugal (Sep. 2016)
•     Tantra Immersion, 5 days retreat + 10 days workshops,
       in Thailand (Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017)
•     "Tao Tantric Arts", 5 weeks intensive Teacher Training with Shashi Solluna and
       Minke de Vos (Universal Healing Tao - Mantak Chia), in Thailand (Feb./Mar. 2017)
•     "ISTA" level 1, 7 days Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience,
       with body & energy work and massages, in Spain (Jul. 2017)
•     Tantra yoga and Kashmiri Massage, 7 days Retreat with Daniel Odier,
       in Italy (Dec. 2017)
•     "ISTA" level 2, 7 days Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation,
       in Samothraki/Greece (Jun. 2018)
•      Ayurvedamassage Abhyanga,
       SAMARA-Zentrum für ganzheitliche Massagen, Amara Allelein (2019)

I have been working as a Tantra Masseuse and Massage Therapist since 2012.